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3M Preferred Graphics Installer

3M Preferred Graphics Installer

About the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Test

The 3M Preferred Installer test is intended for experienced professional installers, with on-the-job experience in multiple full-graphic wrap installations, and preferably those who have attended 3M Advanced Installation Training.
The 3M Preferred Installer test is performance based and it consists of hands-on and written portions. It’s designed to evaluate the installer’s skills and knowledge in a variety of installation situations.
It is strongly recommended that testers complete 3M Advanced Installation Training prior to testing.
Testing is for experienced installers only.
Written Test:
Installers must possess detailed knowledge of a number of 3M films and their warranted usage, durability and physical characteristics. They must be very familiar with 3M installation techniques, tools, and materials used during installation on common substrates.
Installers must also be familiar with specific 3M films, including 1080/2080, 160, 162, 180, and many more. In addition, installers are expected to be familiar with a number of instruction bulletins, the 3M Wall Test Kit, as well as various 3M installation tools, etc.
Hands-On Test:
The films and substrates required to complete during the test, are those commonly encountered by installers. While the installations are not particularly unusual or difficult, they will be judged critically. Show-quality work will achieve high scores. Imperfections and errors such as wrinkles, bubbles, etc., will result in deductions on an installer’s score.
Installers will be required to install a variety of films on numerous substrates, including aluminum with rivets and hinges, vehicle compound curve areas,  interior and exterior walls, wet and dry windows etc.  Installers are also expected to use the appropriate installation tools for each application, including the proper squeegees, rollers, Knifeless tape etc.
Installers begin with a score of 100 points. Deductions are made for imperfections or errors such as wrinkles, bubbles, loose edges, tented rivets, inadequate cleaning, exceeding the allotted time for each station, etc.
A score equal to or above 85% is acceptable and qualifies as passing for both the written and hands-on portions. Upon booking the test dates students are provided with a list of bulletins and other products mentioned in the written portion of the test.

About the Geek Wraps Certified Designation

In addition to the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer test, installers are tested on Geek Wraps tools and techniques.

Day of Prep

Experienced installers who have extensive knowledge of 3M techniques, tools and materials will take a Day of Prep the day before testing starts. A Day of Prep gives the tester access to all the test stations and materials so they can practice and prepare for the test only, there is no training provided on this day.


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