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3M Advanced Training


Geek Wraps University offers a number of professional graphics installation training options. Students range from Rookies with little or no experience, to experienced installers looking to improve their skills. We also offer onsite testing for Geek Wraps Certified Graphics Installer, 3M Preferred Graphics Installer and 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer.

Learn from the #1 wrap training and wrap tool manufacturer facility in the world.
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2023 Dates

June 19-23 — 5 slots left

June 26-28 — 1 slot left3 day training only

July 10-14 — 8 slots left

July 24-28 — 8 slots left

August 7-11 — 8 slots left

August 21-25 — 8 slots left

September 11-15 — 8 slots left

September 25-29 — 8 slots left

October 9-13 — 8 slots left

October 23-27 — 8 slots left

November 6-10 — 8 slots left

November 27-December 1 — 8 slots left

December 11-15 — 8 slots left

3M Advanced Installation Training

Geek Wraps Advanced Air-Wrangler™ Training

Now Includes 5-Station Knifeless Training

Recommended for installers with some experience
Location: Geek Wraps University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Trainers: 3M Graphics Authorized Trainers/3M Graphics Authorized Testers
3M Preferred Graphics Installers/Geek Wraps Certified Installers from Geek Wraps, Inc.
Cost: $1,500 per participant
Days: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Course Content:

  • Three days advanced training
  • Vehicle Wraps. Comprehensive discussion, demonstration and hands-on training
  • Fleet graphics, boat wraps, smooth walls, textured walls and floor graphics. Discussion and demonstration, and hands-on training
  • Extensive monitored hands-on practice to build and refine skills
  • Now includes 5 station Knifeless Training
  • All appropriate tools and materials provided for use during classes
  • Alumni discounts on Geek Wraps installation tools
  • Contact Geek Wraps University for booking at 954-351-1501 or training@geekwraps.com

5-Day Air-Wrangler™ Advanced Installation Training

Now Includes additional 2-Station Pro Knifeless Training

Recommended for installers with little to no experience, or installers looking to receive increased training for future 3M testing

This class is designed for students with all levels of graphics installation experience. In addition to the 3-Day Advanced Installation Training, which consists of approximately 20 hours of hands-on training, students receive an additional 2 full training days (16 more hours) of hands-on experience with emphasis on installing large graphic layout wraps and graphic line-up using Geek Wraps Air-Wrangler ultra complex wrap techniques. This training also focuses on both, solo and Team Wrapping™ techniques. Team Wrapping™ allows the installers to work faster while complementing each other’s work. The 5-Day Air-Wrangler™ Advanced Installation Training helps the installer understand and build a solid foundation of the entire wrap process. This class now includes 3 additional Pro Knifeless Training stations. The cost of this class is $2,500 per student.

5-Day Air-Wrangler™ Advanced Installation Training can be scheduled on the dates listed above, based on availability.

5 Day Training Results at Geek Wraps University
This video features two rookie students Petros and Sean, from Cat’s Eye Imaging in Bronx, New York. They both stated their training on Monday, and are seen here completing a full passenger side graphic wrap, start to finish on Friday.   

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Classes are small and slots fill up quickly, a 50% non-refundable deposit of the invoice total is required to secure the date, with the remainder of the balance due two weeks prior to the start of the class. Deposits and balance payments are non-refundable. Dates are changeable with two weeks advanced notice and payment in full of the remaining balance. NO-SHOW DAY OF CLASS FORFEITS ALL PAYMENTS. We reserve the right to accept or decline bookings for training and/or testing.

For information on testing, please visit our Testing Page.


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