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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a career as a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer and Geek Wraps Certified Graphics Installer?

  • You have the flexibility of being your own boss. As an independent 3M Preferred Graphics Installer/Geek Wraps Certified Graphics Installer you can set your own schedule and rate. Or you can work for a company, and gain experience as you go.
  • There is an increasing demand for experienced 3M Preferred Graphics Installer/Geek Wraps Certified Graphics Installers.
  • The field is open to both men and women.
  • The amount of time and money invested in graphics installation training is minimal compared to other traditional trades.

Why choose training and testing at Geek Wraps University?

  • Geek Wraps University offers the official 3M Advanced Installation Training and Testing as established by 3M Commercial Solutions Division.
  • The only place in the world where you can experience five full days of hands-on training with Kenny Calman, inventor of the industry standard specialty GEEK WRAPS installation tools and techniques.
  • Use and experience all the most popular industry standard Geek Wraps and 3M installation tools during your training. This means you won’t have to bring or buy any tools to attend training or testing. The tools, training and testing are the most prestigious in the industry.
  • Students also experience new tools in development not yet released for sale.
  • At the end of training students receive a Geek Wraps and 3M completion certificate, a pouch with some of Geek Wraps most popular tools and an ongoing discount on all Geek Wraps signature tool line.
  • A recommendation and listing on our Locate Installer section as a qualified 3M Preferred/Geek Wraps Certified Graphics Installer or Geek Wraps Trained Installer available in your area.
  • With an instructor student ratio of 1:4 our training and testing is designed to offer individual attention to each student.
  • Students who take and pass the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer test to earn their 3M Preferred Graphics Installer credentials at our facility, also receive the Geek Wraps Certified Installer designation. Which means they are experienced in the use of Geek Wraps tools and installation techniques.
  • Alumni and Geek Wraps Certified Installers receive an ongoing 25% discount on most Geek Wraps manufactured equipment and tools on future orders. (Offer may expire without notice.)
  • Testing is optional and is administered on Thursdays and Fridays following the 3M Advanced Installation Training with a reservation. Testing is available for experienced installers only.
  • Located in South Florida, our facility is easily accessible from Fort Lauderdale International airport as well as Miami and West Palm Beach.
  • With year-round average temperatures of 77 degrees F, the weather in the sunshine state makes attending training at Geek Wraps University convenient any time of the year.
  • Geek Wraps University is the number one wrap training and wrap tool manufacturer facility in the world, check out our Google reviews.

Is it necessary to attend training in order to take the 3M Preferred Test?

  • It’s not necessary, but it’s recommended. The 3M Preferred Installer test is intended for experienced professional installers, with on-the-job experience in multiple full-graphic wrap installations. As well as knowledge of 3M materials and tools. The 3M Preferred Installer test is performance based and it consists of hands-on and written portions. It’s designed to evaluate the installer’s skills and knowledge in a variety of installation situations.
  • If booking testing only, experienced installers will also book a prep day to become familiar with the written test materials and to get hands-on practice on the 11 stations for the practical test. There are 2 testing slots available per training week.

Can I schedule 3M Preferred Installer Test on the same week I attend training?

  • If slots are available, yes, experienced installers can take the 3M Preferred Test on Thursday and Friday, after completing 3-day training Monday through Wednesday.

What’s the difference between 3M Certified and 3M Preferred?

  • The 3M Certified designation applies to a company and not an individual. In order for a company to become a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company, the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer test must be taken at the 3M facility in Minneapolis, where a designated UASG representative has to be present to administer the certified test. In addition, certain business requirements must be met along with an annual fee paid to UASG. For a list of requirements visit: www.uasg.org
  • The 3M Preferred Graphics Installer designation applies to the individual. This personal credential accredits an individual installer on his/her installation skills and knowledge.

What are the benefits of being a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer and Geek Wraps Certified Graphics Installer?

  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installers/Geek Wraps Certified Graphics Installers are recognized in the industry for their knowledge of appropriate materials, proper use of tools, master installation techniques and skilled professional graphic installation.
  • Installers who successfully attain the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer and Geek Wraps Certified designations at Geek Wraps University are listed on the 3M website: 3Mgraphics.com, as well as the Geek Wraps University website: GeekWrapsU.com. Installers are listed along with their contact information and confirmation of their credentials, this additional exposure translates into more business opportunities.
  • It allows the exclusive use of the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer and Geek Wraps Certified Graphics Installer title.
  • Geek Wraps Certified and 3M Preferred Graphics Installer credentials.
  • Installers receive an official I.D. card issued by 3M.
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installers are backed by a 3M warranty.

How do I register for training/testing?

Registration is done over the phone, by calling 954-351-1501 (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm ET). We require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total to hold your dates and the balance is due two weeks before training starts. If you are booking a class that starts less than two weeks from the day of booking, full payment is required.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Checks are accepted for deposit and advance payments only. We can also accept payments via PayPal. International students are required to submit payment in full via bank wire transfer.

What does the price of training include?

It includes instruction provided by certified trainers, all materials used during training, access to all the necessary tools to use while training. Students who attend training also receive a pouch with some of Geek Wraps most popular tools. These pouches are for the students to keep. Lunch is provided daily and snacks and drinks throughout the day, however, we are unable to accommodate any special dietary needs.

What do I need to bring for training/testing?

There is no need to bring any tools and/or other equipment, just an open mind. We just ask you to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes for safety.

What time should I book my flight to arrive before training and to leave on the last day?

Class starts promptly at 9am on Monday morning, so it’s recommended that you arrive the Sunday prior to make sure you have enough time to settle and to get a good nights sleep. If you’re planning your return flight on the last day of training, be sure to allow extra time due to rush hour traffic after 6pm.

What is an Air-Wrangler?

Air-Wrangler noun \’er-‘raŋ-g(ə-)lər\

:  one who wrangles air

       out from behind vinyl
       during the installation of vehicle wraps
       using air-wrangler techniques

       or a pilot particularly piloting a helicopter

:  techniques for vehicle wraps installations

:  a trademarked brand of clothing (Air-Wranglers)

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