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Hydro Edge Introduced at Wrapscon

The Hydro Edge Squeegee’s revolutionary new patent pending technology is a mix of both hard and soft components, blended together to form an ecto-skeleton. Its unique fluid trap and channel system allows for more Wrap Juice to be held in the liquid distribution channels of the squeegee body beneath the sewn micro fiber edges.   […]

Introducing the Air Wrangler Roller System

A new generation of convertible hybrid Air Wrangler roller system by Kenny Calman was introduced in September 2015. The Air Wrangler Torch Rollers, are precision CNC milled from aircraft grade T-6 aluminum, a solid 1″ diameter aluminum hub supports the high-density foam roller which is attached with two stainless steel axle bolts. Whether your heat […]


3M announces a partnership with Geek Wraps featuring high-quality, groundbreaking products as official 3M Approved Installation Tools. “Geek Wraps has long been a supporter and customer of 3M wrap products, and we’ve had the privilege of using their high-quality tools at live demos and competitions for years,” said Marcio Oliveira, Technical Service Supervisor for 3M […]

Geek Wraps 10th Year Anniversary

On August 15th, 2017, Geek Wraps, Inc. celebrated their 10 year anniversary! It’s been a decade since the company opened their doors to offer quality wraps and tools. Tools which have now become an industry standard. Thanks to all the loyal customers as well as students, who have helped make Geek Wraps, Inc. a leader […]


In November 2013, Geek Wraps University becomes a 3M Graphics Authorized Training & Testing Facility.


After months of careful planning and construction, our state-of-the-art facility opens in Fort Lauderdale. Built to the highest industry standards, our school prepares students of all skill levels, from beginners with little or no experience, to experienced installers looking to improve their skills and be prepared for testing in the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company, […]


To keep up with the increasing interest in training, we move to a larger facility and add a dedicated HHR vehicle.


In addition to vehicle wraps, demand for other types of installation increases thanks to new technology and materials available. We expand to Studio Wraps and add textured wall surface stations to instruct students in the proper installation techniques while using the proper tools for the job. Studio Wraps also produced videos for other wrap tool […]

The Original Geek Wraps School Opens

As the popularity of wraps grows, so does the need for qualified installers. In order to fill this need, The original Geek Wraps School is created to teach students the principles of wrapping using Geek Wraps tools.            

Geek Wraps opens to the public

In the summer of 2007 Geek Wraps opens one of the first retail wrap shops in South Florida, dedicated solely to wraps. As a small custom shop, we required tools that would make our jobs easier by increasing the quality of our installs and decreasing the time spent installing. The lack of quality tools for […]