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Hall of Fame

The Geek Wraps University Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of Geek Wraps University alumni. The work featured here was chosen to showcase specific projects completed by past students currently working in the industry. Find an Installer.

Randy Couch of RAC Graphics

3M Preferred Installer Randy Couch from RAC Graphics, recently completed graphics installation for Delta Airlines in 28 of their jetways. The job required the installation of 112 (3’x4′) small posters, and 28 (4’x15′) large posters.

Randy completed the job in record time, 18 hours and 12 minutes. Which earned him high praise from Delta. He attributed his success on this project to the Geek Wraps tools used. “I could not have done it without The Big Easy, [the] best big roller tool I’ve ever used”, he said, adding “I also used a large Marine Squeegee” to complete the application.

The material used was 3M Ij180cv3, and large posters had to be put over flat trim aluminum, trimmed & torched in 4 sections for each poster.

Cody Flanagan of Glass Tiger Tinting

After attending training at Geek Wraps University, Cody Flanagan’s first wrap project was designed, printed, laminated and installed in-house by the talented team at Glass Tiger Tinting.

The team is grateful for the insight and instruction, and are putting it to good use.

Barry Purcell of Lucas Oil

Barry attended training at Geek Wraps University, where he also received his 3M Preferred Installer credentials as well as the Geek Wraps Certified Installer designation.

Barry manages the newly formed Lucas Oil Print Studio, where some of his projects included wrapping the Kyle Lucas Racing trailers.

Brent Jones of BJE Graphics

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