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Geek Wraps Trained Installers

Geek Wraps Endorsed Installers Geek Wraps University Trained Installers have completed 3M Advanced Installation Training and Geek Wraps Advanced Tools and Techniques Training. The experience level of these individuals varies depending on their degree of hands-on experience in on-the-job vinyl installation, both before and after training.

By completing the entire course and stations required during their training, these installers are ready to work for you in a variety of graphics installations while applying their knowledge of 3M products, including vinyl, tools, etc.

As they continue to practice their trade and hone their skills, these installers will soon be ready to pass the test to become credentialed 3M Preferred Installers.

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Samuel Zaldana
Location Teaneck, NJ USA
Fernando Zaldivar Just-Us Printing
Location Springsdale, AR USA
Patricio Zaldivar Leal Zale Graphic
Location Monterrey, Mexico
Colin Zimmermann
Location Jackson, NJ USA
Jordan Zion JZ Ad Specialties
Location Hollywood, FL USA